To sit back and reflect on Maurice, it becomes apparent how limited my contact with him was. I never hung out with him outside of work, and yet it feels as though I've grown up with him. To do the math, and realize I only knew him for a little over two years seems ridiculous, because I felt camaraderie with him in those two years that I have rarely encountered with guys I've known for twice as long. That would be the best word to describe Maurice; comrade. It sounds like a cheesy word to use and it's usually only reserved for military circumstances, which is why it seems appropriate. Maurice was a fellow soldier, a friend through thick and thin. Perhaps that sounds odd coming from a co-worker, but the sentiment remains the same.

Maurice and I worked together several times a work for over two years at Donna's, but the greeting was always the same, "how's your girl? one of us would ask the other, and we'd always trade updates on our respective ladies. Maurice was a self-described "old fashioned-kinda-guy." And as a hopeless romantic myself, I found encouragement and common sentiments with him. His virtue and amiability drew me to him. Those that have worked at Donna's know how much free time we used to have, and it was during this free time that I had countless conversations with Maurice; about everything. Women, music, didn't matter. And Maurice's loyalty was unparalleled. He would listen and others would pour their hearts out to him about a host of topics. To some of us, he was the only one that we could tell, or at least that understood. And he was constantly encouraging. He was another guy that felt the same way about things that I did, and in a selfish way, that was comforting.
    I must admit I feel as though I took from Maurice so much more than I gave to him. I believe he was more of an instrument of encouragement and peace and friendship to me than I was to him. But the point isn't me, the point is Maurice. The point is Maurice was a man of monstrous character, and he touched each of us in a way that was wonderful and unique and true. There is a phrase that goes "There is a friend that sticks, closer than a brother." It attests to the staying power and support of a good friend. And that, quite simply
sums up Maurice to me. Maurice is one of those rare friends that sticks.


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