July 19, 2006 Maurice's ashes are currently kept at the Mahayana Temple in South Cairo, NY. His ashes will be moved to Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, NY to the Thousand Lotus Memorial Terrace. On October 1, 2006, there will be a ceremony for this occasion at the monastery. For anyone that would like to attend this event, the website is www.baus.org
May 29, 2005 Added some pictures to Maurice's friends gallery. It is not too late to submit some memories or pictures to this website! Just e-mail anything you want to either Gin or Rob.
April 02, 2005 Opening of Maurice's Website. There are still things we have to fix, but around 95% of the website is complete. There's still some memories of Maurice that I am still trying to process, but they should be up shortly. It is not too late for anyone that wants to share any memories of him to send an e-mail to Gin or I. Our e-mails can be found in the "Contact" section of the website.
March 20, 2005 The video gallery is up and running now. The problem with the video section is that the clips were recorded in avi-format. I tried using mozilla to view the clips, but the browser required a plug-in that was not avaliable. If you are having these problems too, please use the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and update Windows Media Player. Thanks.
March 19, 2005 The friends gallery is up and running now.
Feburary 20, 2005 Some of the galleries are now activated. The "Friends" section is still in working progress due to so many pictures! Please remember to send any pictures, video clips, or memories of Maurice to Gin or Rob. Their e-mails can be found in the "Contact Us" section. Thanks.
Feburary 15, 2005 Launch of Mauricetom.com! After finding a reliable web host, mauricetom.com was registered today in honor of Maurice Tom for all of us to remember him. It is still under heavy construction, but hopefully it will be up and running very soon. Please check back periodically!